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Robin Singletary Bird's Eye View

Robin Singletary

Owner & Brand Specialist

Bird's Eye View LLC

We give your brand a distinct voice in the community

Terms like "marketing" and "branding" are the vernacular entrepreneurs and business owners have learned to become familiar with in order to stay on top of the ever-changing culture. You understand your brand is important and you need one to set yourself apart from the vast competition, but what is it really and how do you get one!?

Your voice spreads the message you want to convey.

Bird's Eye View (affectionately know as BEV Design) define's your brand as the distinct "voice" you choose to share with the community that you serve. Your voice spreads the message you want to convey and your message must be clear, direct, and visually consistent -- THAT'S WHERE WE COME IN!

We not only help you define your brand, we supply you with the visual aspects that give you a comprehensive look and feel. We are honored that you would take the time to share your vision with us, which makes the work we do extra special. Take a look at the services we offer and the process we take with every client to ensure success!

What's with the name?

Robin Singletary Bird's Eye View

Circa 2013

Bird's Eye View in the past

Yeah that was me, 7 years ago on February 9th 2013 - clueless,

but a BUSINESS OWNER nonetheless!

My sister's old college roommate was launching her natural hair salon in Baltimore MD and asked me if I wanted to be a vendor at the hair show. Without hesitation, I  replied, OF COURSE! Little did I know, that phrase would be followed by fear and anxiety. Why? Because I had no business to vend for, no business name, no logo, no business cards, and definitely no website. I guess she just knew "I made stuff." Basically I had no idea what I was getting into. After I calmed down, I pulled together all the materials I created for my church and even my own 25th birthday announcements and created a little "What I Do" document to set up my table. I didn't have time to make business cards so I set up my laptop with an excel spreadsheet so I could capture leads.  I had over 20 people request my services and ended up doing a logo for the owner of the venue!

If that wasn't a step out on faith, I don't know what is! 

Oh right, the name!

Being that my name is Robin (like the bird), I like to think I look at your

vision from my perspective - A Bird's Eye View

I am honored anytime I get a new booking, sign a contract, set up an initial consultation, or simply meet someone new because they are sharing their inner-most dreams and ideas with a complete stranger. I often have my clients tell me that they haven't told anyone yet that they are starting a business, or writing a book, or changing the direction of their brand, so I feel its most important to build trust in their very beginning through transparency and honesty. 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my vision!

Crystalize your Vision, Clarify your Brand Message, and Let us bring it to Fruition!

A Bit About the Owner

Bird's Eye View





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Born and raised in the suburbs right outside of D.C., Robin received her public school education from the Montgomery County public school system. She attended the University of Pittsburgh where she received her undergraduate degree in Media & Professional Communications with a specialty in Corporate Communications.


Robin spent the majority of her college career assuming leadership roles in various religious, business and campus-community organizations where she could cultivate her skills in marketing, business and creative advertising. Her main responsibilities included increasing membership, raising funds, organizing and planning events with over 500 attendees, graphic design, and on- & off-campus promotions.


Almost immediately after graduation, Robin was offered a position for a small medical company as the Administrative/Marketing Assistant and was quickly promoted to Manager of the Marketing Department. Here, she used her specialties to obtain over $5 million in government contracts, foster relationships with local and international distributors, and increase the company's brand visibility across various media. In 2013, Robin ventured off to start her own Marketing and Branding Agency, Bird's Eye View, where she provides creative branding services for her clients across the county. She works especially with small businesses, non-profit organizations and churches to clarify their brand message, provide promotional/marketing materials and develop results-driven websites.


August 2016, Robin was offered an opportunity to run a seminar for the United Council of Christian Community Churches of Baltimore and Vicinity, where she discussed the importance of marketing and branding from a spiritual perspective. The impact was immense! It was then when God made clear that her true passion was not just Bird's Eye View, the business, but with the people and helping their vision come to fruition! October 28, 2016,  Robin courageously left her full-time job of almost 10 years to run Bird's Eye View full-time and what an experience it has been!

Robin is thankful to have found someone who supports her career ventures in every way, in the name of Rashad Singletary, whom she married in June 2018. With her gift to see the vision of others and a passion to make that vision come to fruition, Robin is grateful for the opportunity to provide branding services that are visually pleasing and effectively accomplish the goals of her clients!

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