We all have a unique brand that reaching a distinct audience. When we present ourselves with a clear message, we can impact and change our communities effectively. Let Bird's Eye View take a new perspective on your vision!





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What's a brand without a LOGO? A No-go...


Think of a logo as your brand's first impression. If someone had to describe your organization/business in one word, what would that word be? I'll work closely with you to determine what it is and create an image that fully encompasses your idea and your vision.



So I just get a logo?


That's only part of it... I will give you 6 unique designs; each will have its own individual "look and feel". Once you narrow down your top picks, I'll make any suggested modifications, while also giving you variations before you make your final decision. Modifications are unlimited!! 


How much will this cost me?




What is the turn around?


Your logo is the face of your brand and should not be rushed. Standard turn-round is about 2-4 weeks.


I want one now!


No need to be pushy, unless you’re pushing the "Let's Talk" button below! Fill out the Inquiry Form and I will be in contact with you ASAP!